Tomorrow is “Brothers and Sisters Day​

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It’s “International Day of Friendship”

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July 30th: According to the United Nations, the official sponsor of this special day, the International Day of Friendship is day set aside to promote friendship among peoples, cultures and countries.

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Today is a time to encourage efforts towards peace, and to build bridges among different people. It is a day of respect for others, and a day to celebrate diversity.

According to the United Nations, on this day people, groups and governments should hold events and activities to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation.

On an individual level, use this day to promote friendship in big and small ways. You can begin by “extending an olive branch” to a sibling or a family member, a neighbor, or an old friend who we’ve had a falling out with.

If we all try just a little the world will be a friendlier, more peaceful place.

Origin of International Day of Friendship:

The origin of International Day of Friendship has roots as far back as 1919 in the United States. In 2011, the United Nations declared this an official international day, to be celebrated annually on July 30th.

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Do home warranty programs pay off?

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Do home warranty programs pay off?

It has paid off in spades for me, yes, an actual real estate broker, for my 14 year old home.  Next Monday, they are installing a brand-new KitchenAid dishwasher than went askew.

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Here’s why it paid off, and as a realtor, I can get you my special discount:

I don’t sell or make money from warranties, but over my 30 years in the biz, I have 3 great, reputable Home Warranty companies I use. Here are the pros and cons from Bankrate

It’s National Trails Day-June 3rd

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trails 1Happy Trails to you!!!!!

National Trails Day is established to celebrate, improve and enjoy America’s magnificent trail system. It is the nation’s largest celebration of trails, and all that goes with it. In addition to the national trail system, there are countless miles of state, county and local town trail systems for you enjoy. While today is a celebration of national trails, it is perfectly fine to celebrate all trails in our great nation.


Trail systems are enjoyed for a wide range of activities, including:

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Bird watching
  • Geocaching
  • Many other activities.

How to Celebrate National Trails Day

There are any ways to celebrate this special day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get out on a trail with family or friends. Enjoy a wonderful time with nature.
  • Host an event – a bike ride or hiking event on your local trail.
  • Organize and conduct a trail improvement project –  Scouts and many other groups can do important service projects, improving a local trail. Important: This requires permission from the government organization that oversees the trail.

PS. Don’t forget the Trail Mix

8 Things Not To Do When You’re Buying a Home

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Compliments of Steven Shoen, Shoen Real Estate

Curb appeal

  1. Don’t Make a Major Purchase
    1. You’ve just found out your credit is A+. That’s great news, because a new car would look fantastic in the driveway of your new home. But hang on–if you are depending on a mortgage to move in, you’d best wait until after closing to buy the car.
    2. An increase in your debt to income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available for your mortgage payment.
    3. Using cash to purchase the car could also create a problem, since banks consider cash reserves when approving your mortgage. If you must make a major purchase before closing, talk to your loan officer before you do it.Jaguar_XJL_Neiman_Marcus
  2. Don’t Change Jobs Unless It’s Necessary
    1. Lenders like to see a consistent job history. They aren’t usually as nervous if you change jobs within the same field, but it’s better to stay put until the keys to the house are in your hand.
  3. Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over
    1. Keep a cool head during the entire home buying process, especially during and after an inspection. Be realistic. No home is perfect, especially older homes. It’s not unusual for new owners to take care of some repairs themselves. Don’t let the seller’s refusal to do a small repair kill the deal on a home you truly love.
    2. On the other hand, don’t fall so much in love with the house that you’ll buy it no matter what needs to be done–unless you’re absolutely sure you can handle it emotionally and financially. Decide what type of repairs you can realistically tackle, and then stick with the decision.
  4. Don’t Forget to Switch Utilities
    1. That sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to apply for utility service at their new home. Call the utility companies as soon as you have a contract. Find out how many days lead time they need to switch the service, and then get back with them when you have a firm closing date.
    2. Don’t forget to discontinue services at your old home.
  5. Don’t Become Best Friends with the Seller
    1. I’ll get some flack on this one. It’s great to be friendly, but don’t get into too many long discussions with the sellers, because personality conflicts often cloud judgments.
    2. Remember, this is their home. You’re no doubt excited about moving in, and if you didn’t like the house you wouldn’t have offered to buy it. But you’ll make changes–everyone does. A casual statement about “ripping up that ugly carpet” might be hurtful enough to keep the seller from negotiating with you about repairs or other issues that crop up.
  6. Don’t Panic if the Appraisal Comes in Low
    1. At least not at first. There are some things you (and your agent) can do to correct the problem. Study your options.
  7. Don’t Go It Alone
    1. If you’re working with an agent, it’s the agent’s duty to track many of the day to day details that involve the lender, the seller, or the seller’s agent.
  8. Don’t Ignore Lender Requirements
    1. Know what is expected of you and take care of it. Answer lender questions and provide required paperwork as quickly as possible–your closing depends on it.

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Shoen’s Hot Profit Tip for the day: How to Feng Shui Your Front Yard

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Shoen’s Hot Profit Tip for the day: How to Feng Shui Your Front Yard


To understand your Front Yard Feng Shui, you should know that there is a term in Feng Shui called Ming Tong. This roughly means “bright palace”. This is should be the flat area directly in front of the house and should be beautiful and welcoming. This is a key area for holding the beneficial qi of the house. Having beautiful flowers and even beautiful water (such as a clean fountain) can help the qi of the home. You want an inviting and supportive space to improve your Front Yard Feng Shui.

In the old days of China, the Ming Tong was especially important. Tiananmen Square in China is located in front of the Forbidden City. This is the Ming Tong for the palace. Most important buildings have a Ming Tong. The more beautiful and open it is the better. The Ming Tong is the space that welcomes the qi to the structure. It needs to be clean and beautiful. This is true with the Front Yard Feng Shui for your home.

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Key Front Yard Essentials

There are several key points that you should watch for in the front yard.

  • This is the approach to the house and it should feel welcoming. It should not have anything that would subconsciously repel visitors. Things such as cactus or rose bushes too close to the walk can create a sha (negative influence). The thorns are something people avoid, but you don’t want people feeling as if they should avoid going to your home. Plant them away from the walk way and make it beautiful.


  • Dead plants, trees, or shrubs should be avoided always. The qi of the landscape should be glossy and beautiful. Look at the trees, are they shiny and bright? Or are they dull, brown, and dying? Plants reflect the qi of a place, so work at making the plants beautiful. Same too for the lawn. It should be a glossy green. Try to quickly remove any debris or trash that may accumulate in the yard due to wind or inconsiderate people.


  • The walkway to the house ideally should “meander” to the doorway. Create a beautiful garden with lovely flowers if possible. You do not want a straight path if you can avoid it. Also avoid any sharp drop-offs away from the house. Land sloping downwards is not preferred as it pulls the qi away from the house. If you have this situation, use bushes or retaining walls to hold back the qi and level off the property.

Evaluating Your Front Yard

Take an objective look at your property from the street. Just like Realtors try to develop curb appeal, the same goes for Front Yard in feng shui. An attractive and welcoming yard works and an unkempt and dying yard does not. Make the qi fresh and bright. Make it a yard that draws good qi.

When you have created a beautiful space in front of your home, you have maximized your home’s front yard Feng Shui.

What if you are still struggling to improve the Feng Shui of your home?

We know how hard it can be to try being successful at improving your money situation, your health situation or your relationship issues with Feng Shui, but if you want to really make an amazing change to your environment then you need to learn these simple methods that works amazingly well.

Would you fancy my new, free report just released: 24 Valuable Tips That You Should Know to Get Your Home Sold Fast and for Top Dollar.” Simply email me, Steven Shoen, Shoen Real Estate,, and I’ll get it right out to you.



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Let’s be honest. From 2010 to 2015, it’s been and remains a sellers’ market: The Marin median price for single-family homes has grown from 790,000–$1,105,000.

That’s a bold increase 40%! Dramatic? Yes. Will it last? No, unless you live in Ishpeming Michigan, then it’s possible. As the Road Runner found out, and those of you who saw “The Big Short” know, what goes up must come down.

What is ahead for 2016? Our homes will appreciate, but at a low level. Perhaps, we’ll make enough money to keep up with our property taxes, plus a few bucks to go out to dinner and see a concert or two. Pundits say there is a correction coming in the winds.


Why? Here are some soundbite answers:

1.    Buyers’ income may not keep up with rising home prices.

2.    Anticipation of higher interest rates brings fear, and that quiets economic activity.

3.    Tiffany sales on silver spoons have decreased sharply as there are less Marin babies being born. (True about babies, but a joke)

4.    Forecasted moderation in technology; jitters over oil prices; and the psyche of the coming election year.

Signs point to 2016 as the peak time for home sellers to maximize their top-of-market sales prices! We quote Albert Einstein who once said: “Nothing happens without something moving.”

Have you thought about marketing and selling your house? We believe that “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” Now is the time for action!

Please feel free to contact me. To ensure your success, I’ll be happy to listen to your goals; and then work up for you our unique and customized “Smooth Ride”, A-Z selling system. Should we work together as a team, the result will be a rewarding transaction with no surprises at the end. We even bring your favorite dinner to you on moving day.

Once you have this valuable information, you can make a comfortable decision. You can set plans to meet your wants, needs, and desires.

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When it’s Shoen, it’s Sold